Monday, January 17, 2011

Last thoughts

Well, I finished Game of Thrones today. On the whole, I would say it's an enjoyable book. Did it make me mad at certain points? Yes. Did it make me happy at certain points? Also yes. Do I want to read the next book to find out what happens? Yes.
On the whole, I thought the book was somewhat predictable. I wasn't at all surprised by the ending. There are a lot of hints peppered throughout the book to indicate what will happen. My fellow bookie and long time friend Kim said that a lot of people told her they liked this series because no character was safe; the author kills off "main" characters all the time. That's not something I think is especially appealing about the book or the writing style. I guess some people like the novelty of that, but I think that pretty much all of the deaths were predictable. I can't say I was taken by surprise at any of them. Now, there were some character actions that surprised me, but not any deaths. I still hate Sansa, but I am glad she finally got her wake up call in the end. I hope that she makes some large strides in the right direction in the next book. And I still love Arya. If I were a character in this book, I'd be Arya. I kind of hate how her character was left hanging at the end. Good thing this is just the first book of a series and I don't have to wait to see what happens.
Will I be moving on to the next book in the series? Not immediately. These types of books are great, but they are so dense that I need a breather in between them. Besides, my brother is currently reading the next book in the series, so I have to wait for him to finish it anyway.
For now, I'm finally going to start the Blue Bloods series. I have had these books for almost two months now, so I think it's time I finally read them. I should be able to plow through the series in a week or two (give or take, depending on how much "reading" time I make for myself). However, a recent purchase has given my reading a bit of pause. What's that, you say? Well, here it is:

Xbox 360 Console
That's right, friends. After years of resistance, I have finally joined the xbox world. *le sigh* I guess it was eventual. I have every other system, I figured I might as well add this to my gaming repertoire. Also, the kinect is much smaller than I thought it would be...

Til next time, happy reading!

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