Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dante's firepit

Hi friends! Today I haven't accomplished much other than playing a little Dante's Inferno. This game...oy. In literary terms, I deem it Dante's firepit. I mean, really, anytime you have an adaptation of this sort you can't really call it more than an homage to the origins. I am constantly amused by what the game designers do with the Inferno. I mean, yes, there is a Dante, Virgil, and Beatrice. You do go through the various layers of hell, and when you die (as I inevitably do from time to time), you get a line from the text. So, yeah. Truthfully, though, I am legitimately grossed out by certain parts of the game. Can I just say, ew. One of my favorite parts of the game, though, is the ability to punish or absolve various historical figures (such as Atilla or Pilate). I am the kind of person who wants to forgive everyone, so I usually end up offering absolution every time, even to the little minions you can kill throughout the game. Anyway, here's a shot of Dante for any curious viewers:

That's right. He's holding the fiery cross of justice...along with a giant sycthe.You can't see it in this picture, so here's another:

On the whole, I am enjoying the game (I only have the final 3 levels of Hell left before it's over), but don't go into it expecting to learn everything the Inferno has to offer. But is it more fun because I am familiar with Dante? Definitely.

Until next time, friends, happy reading!

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