Friday, January 21, 2011

Blue Bloods Review *Spoilers Ahead*

So, I finally got around to reading Blue Bloods (by Melissa de la Cruz) this week. This is a book I have heard lots of great things about, and I am stoked to finally begin the series. As with my usual habit, the plan now is to read the next few books in the series, which is good because the newest book was just released. Woot!

If you're interested in vampire books at all, I would definitely recommend this one.The take on vampirism is quite fresh and unlike anything I have read in the past. I have read a few other vampire series, and I love how all of the writers approach the subject with a fresh perspective. If you are looking for a fast-paced novel that blends past, present and future, look no further. I love the way things from the beginning of time are tied together with the colonists which are all tied to the present. There are a lot of subtle hints throughout the novel that become noticeable the closer you get to the end, too. Definitely an intriguing read (I finished the book in about a day and a half of intermittent reading), and I will be picking up with Masquerade tomorrow for sure.

If you haven't read the book and you don't want it ruined, you should probably stop reading now. For those of you who have (or who don't mind having things spoiled), read on.

I really, really, really like the premise of this book. The idea of vampirism that is present here is so different from what everyone else does with it. I like the spin on how vampires live forever. They don't literally live forever, they live in a cycle of regeneration. And the whole fallen angel idea? Brilliant. I personally don't have the creativity to draw such connections, so I can only applaud those who do. Another aspect of this book that I really enjoyed was the connection to the early settlers of the US. I mean, where does that kind of inspiration come from? I love the idea of connecting what happened at Roanoke (which has never really been explained) to the idea of vampirism, too. So neat!

As for the characters, I like that we learn a little about each of them as we go. The slow revelation of connections helps lead the reader into surprises at each chapter. I feel like a lot of teenagers can identify with Schuyler especially. I mean, who hasn't lived on the fringes of school society at some point? I think there are many people who can relate to where she's coming from and who would respond to many situations as she does. The age old love triangle works well here with Jack and Oliver, too.

I was fortunate enough to meet Melissa de la Cruz a few months and she asked me if I was team Jack or team Oliver. At the time, I hadn't had a chance to read any of the books, so I didn't have a clear answer. At the end of book one, I would have to say that I am actually leaning more toward Jack than Oliver. The idea of breaking up the dynamic duo of Jack and Mimi is appealing. I always want to see the underdog get the guy, so I would like to see Jack and Schuyler together. However, I don't want Oliver to be left out, so I hope he finds someone fabulous, too! I am interested to see where the characters go from here!

So next time you hear from me, you'll probably be hearing my thoughts on Masquerade. Until then, happy reading!

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  1. TEAM JACK! I am anxious for the next one. I think it comes out in the fall though. boo,