Monday, January 31, 2011

A day late, but that's ok

Hello again! Man, what's with this consistency lately? I must not be busy enough. :) Yesterday I finished Revelations, so here are my thoughts.

I feel like this book lived up to its title. There were several revelation, most of which had been alluded to previously. I was definitely a little sad by multiple elements, and I am glad that I have the next book so that I wasn't left waiting for the fallout. Here are the main thoughts I was left with:

*I am really curious about Bliss. I liked her character from the beginning, but now I am questioning my stance on her character. I want to like. I feel like she has been written to be a very likeable character. But because of who she is, I feel like maybe I shouldn't like her anymore. I really hope that something happens to make her character not be the bad guy in the end.
*I am frustrated with the whole Jack storyline. What is it about love that can't be that is so enticing? This book is a great study in love that can't happen. We want Jack and Schuyler to be together, but there are so many reasons why they shouldn't. After all, who really wants to break up the angel of death and the angel of destruction? That spells disaster.
*I was really sad about what happened to Jordan, Dylan, and Lawrence. (and the rest of the council) I wish that they were still in the picture. If nothing else, I hope we see Jordan again. She has always given off a creepy children of the damned vibe, which makes sense now. I was pretty bummed about Dylan and Lawrence though.
*What's up with Bliss' family? I really want them to get what's coming to them. Grrrrrr. Can someone please discover what happened?

Ok, enough ranting. Overall, really enjoyable, fast paced book. A lot of questions are answered, but a whole new batch is opened up. What will happen to the conclave now? Will Forsyth be found out? (I bet BobbiAnn's to blame.) I am now moving on to The Van Alen Legacy, so we'll see what happens there!

Happy reading!

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