Friday, July 27, 2012

A little more Entice-d

Hi all! Hope your summer of reading is going a little better than mine. I have such good intentions to sit and read...then I find myself knitting. Or playing on facebook. Or watching Big Brother. Yeah. Anyway, I did finish up Carrie Jones' Entice last night.

And I will have to say, I did like this one a little better than Captivate. There were good parts to that book, but it just didn't hold my attention like Need. Let me tell you, though, she will tear you between two people. Most of the time, I have a clear cut decision on who the girl should choose (i.e. Edward or Jacob, Gale or Peeta, Ky or Xander, etc). In this book, it's a little less clear. I had a clear choice for a while, now it's a little more iffy. I think I like Astley a lot, which is not something I anticipated happened. And I really like the name. It's going on a list of names I like.

Anyway, as for the book itself, I love that it brings in even more Norse mythology. Yay Carrie Jones! I think Norse mythology has been way underplayed, and I'm glad to see it making a reappearance in the world of YA literature. I have to admit, I can only imagine Thor one way now though....oh well. There's a nice little end of days storyline wrapping up in this book, lots of pixies and other fae, and a lot of death. That's right. Death. It's a little on the dark side of things, but isn't all good literature?

There is one more book in the series, Endure, but unfortunately I do not have it yet. Guess I'll have to snatch it up sometime to see how the story plays out. Until then, I continue on to the hundreds of books on my shelf. Next up? Lauren Oliver's Delirium. I've heard good things about it, ,so we shall see.

Happy reading, folks!

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