Monday, May 14, 2012


Well, fellow Sookie fans, we are only one book away from the conclusion of the series. And honestly, I think it's time. Of course, I did purchase Deadlocked on its release day because I have to know where the series is going.

But, once again, I was not super impressed with the story. It just feels...blah. Like she's trying to tie everything up but could do it with less books. I think she could probably have stopped a few books ago and been the better for it. However, we are still meandering along Sookie's complicated life with her. And she still hasn't really chosen. If nothing else, I wish she would just pick one damn man already. Geez, girl, you can't keep them all. (Not unhappy to have the Quinn cameo though! I do love that tiger.)
Anyway, this book is yet another filler, I feel, to get us along to the finale of the series. It better be a damn good one, too, since Charlaine's been stringing us along for a couple of books.

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  1. I agree. I hope the last one is really good b/c I'm honestly getting tired of the series. It's just dragged on way to long and I'm actually happy the series is coming to an end. I don't say that with many series, but it's time this one was done.