Monday, May 14, 2012


Another book that I finished yesterday is Ally Condie's Crossed. Ta da!

This book is the continuation of last year's Matched, which I loved. I've had it for a while and finally picked it up to finish durng finals week. (Hey, I gotta do something while everyone's taking exams).
I wasn't unhappy with this story, but it definitely was not as interesting to me as Matched. The back and forth narration in the chapters almost annoyed me. On the one hand, it was okay to have different points of view, but like it said, it got a litle annoying. I was relatively satisfied with how the story ended, too. It definitely sets up well for the next book in the series (can't remember its title offhand, but it starts with a C, too). I am curious to see who Cassia meets up with going into the next book as well. If you read Matched (which I highly recomnend!), then I think this book is worth a read just because it will get you to the continuation of the series when it comes out later this year. :)

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