Sunday, April 21, 2013

Name of the Star

So, I confess. I have had this book (by the most fabulous Maureen Johnson) sitting on my shelf for over a year now and I have just got around to reading it. Boo on me. I sooooo should have picked it up sooner because it was fabulous.

So I had heard this was a book with loose ties to Jack the Ripper, which I thought was interesting. Before I read it, I assumed it was set in the past, but it is actually in the present, which I liked. The lead character is likeable as well as most of the secondary characters.
I found myself really interested in what was happening and I didn't figure it out ahead of time. Basically, the main character (Rory) is from Louisiana but moves to England for a year for school because her parents are there on sabbatical. You get all of that interesting adjustment to the new school and new culture blah, blah, blah, which is actually not so bad. And the copycat Ripper murders, of course. I didn't predict most of what would happen in the book, but let's just say Rory's level of involvement is quite interesting. And the end? LOVE what happens.
If you are into some interesting twists and turns, then I would highly recommend this book (and now I have to find the second book of the series, which just came out. Ahh!).

Happy reading!

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