Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bloodlines Review

So I finished Bloodlines a few days ago. Let me say, I am completely satisfied with the book. All my favorite characters are present (Yes, we do get cameos from both Rose and Dmitri, although they do not appear at the same time). First of all, I love, love, love that we get more character development on Sydney. I was intrigued by her in the VA series, and she doesn't disappoint here either. Also, soooo happy to see Adrian getting more book time. I find myself rooting him on. As much as I liked when he was with Rose, I know they don't quite fit together as well as Rose and Dmitri. So for everyone who wants to see Adrian happy with someone? You might find yourself pretty satisfied by the end of the book. The premise of the story works well here, too. (Although I wonder if Mead has some connection to boarding schools since that seems to be where her characters always end up.)
Also, I must be slipping because I totally did not see the "villain" coming. Kudos to Mead for a good twist.
Next up on the reading list? I'm going to tackle The Help because I keep hearing how great it is. I don't want to see the movie before reading the book, so it's next in line.
Until next time, happy reading!

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